Micah's TOO funny!!!

Earlier, I was bathing Micah as she plays with one of her squirty toys that she calls "dolphin" (although it's supposed to be a humpback whale - everytime I correct her, she'll raise her voice, arguing it's a "dolphin!"), then she just started singing, "me-me na, baby ko" (the song I sing to her when I try to put her to sleep) as she pretended to nurse "dolphin". She saw me looking at her trying to hide my laughter, then she explained that "dolphin" is her baby. So, after the bath, she asked me if she can bring "dolphin" out of the water since I don't allow her taking her bath toys out of the bathroom. I said okay, after all, that's her baby.

As I was dressing her up, I asked if her baby was a boy or a girl. As if she's mocking me, she said, "Mommy, it's a dolphin". I just laughed hysterically! She started laughing too!

What a funny child!

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