My take on Jon and Kate

Alot of people have different opinions about the demise of Jon and Kate Gosselin's marriage. Everyone who witnessed their family's life unfold on television feels compelled to give a piece of their mind as to why the Gosselin's marriage failed. But no one can truly know what the reason is - only Jon and Kate can say that. However, that doesn't mean that they haven't shown the symptoms of their ailing relationship in their show. So, behind all the accusations of cheating, emasculation, discipline, etc., who is really to blame when a marriage fails like that of Jon and Kate?

As an avid viewer of the show, I can't help but put my two cents in. For me, and this is basing on the behavior and attitude they've exemplified in the show and considering that in all marriages, ittake "two to tango"... I really think that it's mostly Jon's fault.

Okay, before all the hatin', let me explain. I think it's mostly Jon's fault because he allowed Kate to emasculate him by, like what he said, being passive. As the head of the family, the man has to assume and be responsible for that role. If he doesn't, of course the woman will. See what happened to Adam and Eve, the perfect example of what I'm talking about. I know that God's ways are higher than mine and I don't claim any truth to this, but I do think that had Adam just stepped-up to be the man that God designed him to be, to be the "ruler" (i.e. be the head - together with being the responsibilities of being the head) of everything, including his wife, they wouldn't have been booted out of the garden. As for Jon, I think that trying to "step-up" at this point was already too late because all the respect and adminiration that Kate had for him was GONE! Men always say that it is a woman's role to submit and I don't ever refute that because it is God who said so. But in the same passage, God also instructed the man to LOVE the woman, and with that includes the woman submitting to a man WORTH submitting to... worth respecting... worth admiring.

Now, I don't condone Kate's behavior. I think that she truly gave him a hard time and she should've given him enough grace to change and take control of the headship of the family. She didn't do that. The moment she took control, she hogged it like crazy! So, yes, I do agree that she did her part in the demise of their marriage. However, as a woman, it is AWFULLY DIFFICULT to let someone control any situation that pertains to my life, moreso, to the life of my kid if I don't respect the person trying to gain control. It's just not possible. Alot of people say, women are too emotional and yes we are! And the biggest appeal to our emotion is admiration... respect. It is too hard to open our deep emotions to someone we don't respect. In fact, when men say that they understand love through respect, women do to!

Submission is such a misunderstood word for both men and women. It is misunderstood because love should be the root of the understanding, and love entails respect. As a woman, I can say this, it is not hard to submit - to follow, even obey - someone I truthfully respect.

Note to hubby: Which is why I submit to you Malcolm... it's because I respect you.

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