My brave little child

We got season passes for Great America. For the past few weekends, we've been there, either enjoying the park or the water park. It's fun for Malcolm and me, but it's more fun for our daughter Micah. She just tries everything... bravely overcoming her fears as she rode the more thrilling ride for kids like the airplane ride that goes up and down somewhat fast! I mean I get scared when I ride it!
And that is one distinct quality that I discovered with her, SHE IS FEARLESS! At one point, she threw a minor fit because she wasn't allowed in the roller coaster because of her height (she was allowed in Discovery Kingdom when we went and she didn't really understand that it wasn't the same park). I mean, if she can ride it, she will. She even didn't want me to accompany her riding anymore. She says, "am big girl, mommy!" It's just amazing!!!

Her bravery reminded me of my faith. Is my faith in Jesus that brave? Am I willing to do anything because I know I am safe in Him? This child just goes without saying because she knows that mommy and daddy are there, so there's NO REASON to be afraid. Micah truly is a kiss of God in my life. Everyday, God teaches me something through the life of my innocent, but apparently brave, little child.
Thank you Jesus!
Some pixs from our very 1st visit:
Micah riding the "Ghost chasers" ride.

Mommy and Micah riding the Airplane ride
(this ride scared me!)

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