How am I going to discipline you?

There are so many issues to deal with when one becomes a parent. For me, the issue that I am having alot of issues with lately is how I discipline Micah. When I was a kid growing-up and even in my teeenage years, I made a lot of promises about what I will not do when it comes to disciplining my child. I totally forgot to think about the things I should actually do. So here am I, two years of being a parent, still somewhat clueless as to what I'm supposed to do.

Early on in our marriage, Malcolm and I agreed that when we have children, we will never use "spanking" as the method to discipline. I guess since we we're both spanked as kids, we felt that anger is mostly the motivation behind spanking. It was a good plan until Micah turned two. Suddenly, she wasn't the same baby who just did, ate, wore what mommy and daddy decided. Suddenly, she exerts her opinions and wants in every possible way she can. That's when I figured that the plan wasn't as smooth as I thought was. My child is starting to become her own person.

So now, I am here, in this place where I think every parent passed through once in their life... the winding road of parental discipline where the best intentions and frustrations of how to impose it meets. I can honestly say that I still don't know what is the right balance of discipline where my child can both feel my unconditional love for her and my disapproval of her not-so-good behavior. I think that my child deserves only the best; therefore, it's so hard for me to find a way to discipline my child that involves the least amount of pain involved... for both her and me.

For now, I am just taking it one day at a time... God help me!

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