Micah just blows my mind

As always, my daughter does something that just makes me so amazed. As I've been ranting over and over again, she's very much into arts, like singing, drawing, painting, etc. But she really hasn't expressed interest in dancing. Sure, she dances while she sings, but it's like she's just dancing to the melody of her songs. But these past few weeks, I've noticed that she really has the moves of a ballerina. Yes, she's becoming very much into ballet dancing. Oh my, when she hears the Für Elise play from her toy piano, she just moves so elegantly... just like a ballerina. She raises her legs and hands and just jumps around so beautifully. I am just so blown away!

I wonder where she gets that from since both her dad and I are have two left feet... Huh? Well, she really is such an amazing child. I am just glad that I get the once in a lifetime opportunity of being her mom.

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