Making melodies in my heart

It's been a great while... but I'm here to catch-up!

Micah... Oh my Micah! She's just a wonderful little girl. She's so big and so wise! When did she get to be so big? How? Why?

So many wonderful things... I can't think of the best way to start...

1. She is still a wonderful singer. Lately, she loves singing, "making melodies in my heart". The part she likes the most is when she says "In my heart"! Her intonation is just so cute!!!! She even does the song with all the action, like, "thumbs in, elbows up, tongues out, etc." She is just so cute!

2. She fell in love with this cute play horsie that I found on sale in CVS. I guess it's supposed to be a Christmas decoration, but Micah just liked it. She named it Carrot. Why? Well, she says it's because, "howsies eat cawots".

3. She still likes to play babies and house. She is very maternal. Everyday, she would ask what I would like to eat... she likes making me coffee and cupcakes.

4. We are still in the grueling process of potty training. She understands the concept, but to actually do it... that's another story. However, when asked where to pee or poo, she'll respond, "potty"... so she knows!

5. She is such a girly girl. She likes to primp up with make-up and polish for her toesies!

6. She is such a happy kid. She always sings and laughs... she hardly cries nowadays. Only when she's acting up for daddy. LOL!

7. She likes building and stacking things. I would always find my spices stacked-up in the kitchen. She also likes building houses or kitchens with her mega blocks.

8. She loves theme parks. This little girl is so brave that she is still upset if I remind her now that she wasn't allowed to ride the roller coaster in Great America. And one of her favorite rides in Disneyland is Pirates of the Carribean. Unbelievable huh?

9. She always wants to know where I buy stuff. She'd ask, "mommy, where did you buy this?" and will not stop asking until you answer. At times, she will want a specific answer, like, if I say "Target" she would correct me and say "walmart". Cute!

10. She believes that "Princess" is our last name. She always asks me what my name is. If I answer "mommy" she will correct me and say, "no! Mommy Princess!" Same goes with daddy, her aunts, uncle and cousins. But Amma is Queen Amma and Ampa is King Ampa. LOL!

My little girl is not that little anymore... Micah!!! I love you!!! Thank you for being the greatest little girl alive! I am so blessed to have you as mine!!!!

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