I volunteered to be a part of our church's Children's ministry after a long time of being on sabbatical. I totally forgot how much fun it was to just play and interact with children. I mean, they are just so much fun. Today, I took care of the infants but are in the same room as the preschoolers. The babies are just wonderful because, well, they're babies!!! But the preschoolers are just a blast because they are just so cute! Plus, I love how their innocence and purity are exemplified in their every action. Also, I love that these kids just don't have any pretense. What you see is what you get because it's who they are! When they laugh, they LAUGH! When they don't like something, they say it! When they're bored, for sure you will know. There's no politics in their humanity... they are just who they are.

Maybe that's why God wants us to come to Him as little children...

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