Micah is into legos lately. Well, we had to transition her to legos because she is stacking up everything she gets her hands to. Like when I bring her to the kitchen to help me cook, she will stack up all my spices on top of each other until she makes this really tall tower with them. I mean, the girl can balance! Anyways, I bought her 2 bags of mega blocks because I feel like she might choke with legos. But when we visited the Lego store last Saturday, she really played well with the the teeny legos, making herself a house of legos with kitchen, living room, dining room with all the furnishings and all. It was really amazing to see her be so creative but still be very girly! I mean making house with legos! Only a girly-girl does that!

So, I guess we know what she'll get this Christmas!

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