My Micah... updates on the soon to be "greatest singer in the world"!!!

At age two, Micah is showing a lot more interest in singing. She just likes listening to songs and learning to sing with it. So far these songs are added to her list:

1. Girlfried (Avril Lavigne... honestly, I don't like this)
2. Ants Marching (Dave Matthews band)
3. Let the praises ring (Lincoln Brewster)
4. All I really want (Lincoln Brewster)
5. Princess songs (alot of them!!! by Disney)
6. Celebrate the Magic (Disneyland Theme Song)
7. Songs from the Disneyland Karaoke DVD - Step in time, follow the leader, MainStreet USA, etc.
8. God is good to me (with action)
9. I love you, Lord
10. Everlasting God (Lincoln Brewster)

Yeah, she's liking Lincoln Brewster alot! But men you should see her face when she sings, with all the facial expressions, imaginary microphone... even closes her eyes and lifts her arms, as if praising God. One time, while listening to "Everlasting God", she just closed her eyes and lifted her hands, like truly meditating on God! Goodness! I will post the picture! She is just a BIG BURST of cuteness and sweetness! I also love it when she prays, she's just so sincere. I love how she loves Jesus at an early age. Everytime I ask her, "where is Jesus," she'll respond, "in my 'eart!"

I love it!

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