God is just so GOOD! For the past week, I have been sick and my most of my family from Hawaii, who are visiting, are also suffering from either coughs, fever, etc. Before they came, I was really afraid, not of me getting sick, but of Micah. Everytime she gets sick, I worry so much because she had a history of febrile seizure (when she was around 7 mos.). The doctors say that if a child suffered from febrile seizure when he/she was a baby, fevers should be monitored until around 5-6 years of age. But time and time again, regardless of my worrying, God will always prove to me that He is our God. He will not allow us to be harmed in anyway because HE LOVES US. So, when I got sick this past week, I started worrying about Micah. But what do you know, she didn't get sick. Her temperature was a bit elevated the first 2 days of my sickness, but even during that time, she was just acting like fine. Sure enough, after sleeping in the third day, she was fine! In fact, she's better than fine!

In times like this, I can't help but to just be amazed by God's sovereignty. He is really GOOD! Thank you Lord, for always proving my worries wrong!

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