Amma and Ampa

It's amazing to me how Micah can do things that I am just finding so unbelievable! Normally, Micah is a very obedient child... well in most cases. She hardly cries to get her way, in fact, she is always polite even if I have to say no to her at times. Maybe because she knows that misbehaving won't fly with me. But the funny thing is, when my parents came last Wednesday and off bat started catering to her every whim, in a day, she figured that if something doesn't get approval from mommy, it's a safe bet to go to either ampa, amma or auntie to get what she wants. And oh, the joy of having to discipline her while amma and ampa are here! I cannot believe that these are the same parents I have growing-up! My goodness, I don't think my folks can ever say "yes" to everything! My mom, who was very strict with us not eating candy, moreso gum, when we were kids, is the one giving Micah an entire pack of fruity Trident just because my child asked her to. And my dad, remember him, the epitome of strictness? He is Micah's savior! Just because He doesn't want Micah to cry, it is okay for Micah to stay up until wee hours of morning since "she is still having fun!" And if I refute their decisions, I get the discipline in front of my child! And that's not good! *LOL*

Honestly, it is making me laugh because, not too long ago, I was Micah and my parents' parents are the ones indulging my every "eeh" and "aah". I bet that was the reason that prompted my parents to be strict anyways. So now, the cycle is complete... well, until it's my turn to be a grandma! ;-)

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