Today is a good day!

My Sunday is ending... but it has been great! I've learned so many things today, which makes it a good day....

I've learned that...

1. I will be toxic if I hang around toxic people.
2. Never to trust easily (I've been re-learning this for a while now... I hope I pass this time).
3. My child's laughter wipes away any bad day!
4. Malcolm is indeed a great husband.
5. Spending time with family is something I shouldn't apologize to my responsibilities for.
6. Being a mom to a child like Micah is an everyday miracle.
7. Hanging out with Malcolm's family is fun!
8. Dancing with toddlers teaches them more about how great God is than trying to make them learn it (They wouldn't pay attention anyway! Hahahaha!)
9. I can have a lot of friends but understand what friendship means from only a handful.
10. I am not pregnant... yet! ;-)
11. I am looking forward to moving back to Hawaii so BADLY!
12. Chinese food is so comforting.
13. Teriyaki Chicken hits the spot when I don't know what I'm craving for.
14. I am addicted to freshy laundered clothes!
15. That since I merged my blogs together... I wanna blog more

What a day!

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