Okay, I'm venting right now... so if you disagree, just look away.

It doesn't shock me anymore when I see the lack of integrity among people, but it still hurts me when I see it in people who brand themselves Christians. My mom always says not to expect anything from anyone. But I just can't swallow the fact that there are Christians who are willingly giving their integrity to the devil for the fleeting pleasure of gossip and invalidation so they can feel better than others. What makes it borderline funny is that these are the "Christians" that common Christians, like me, esteem. These are the "Christians" who can look at you straight in the eye with their bible-believing conviction, but invalidate you to the point of breaking you with reasons that are solely for them.These are the "Christians" who embrace you and say, "God loves you as you are" but closely watches your every move so they can use whatever they deem "unchristian" against you. These are the "Christians" who welcome you with their arms open wide while clutching their back-stabbing knives.

I've always believed in going to church and bible studies, and every possible "Christian" gathering all because it's in the bible, specifically, Hebrews 10:25. But then again, as I read and reread the passage again, it also specifically says there that we need to "encourage" each other - "all the more as you see the Day approaching". So, if going to all these "events" fail to show any encouragement, empathy, understanding, acceptance to anyone, then they're just that "events". So why go at all? Why subject anyone to this nonsense?

Without integrity we make Christianity nonsense! Why would we do that to the point of Jesus' sacrifice? I just can't imagine why.

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