Micah at 2 years and 10 months

Micah is officially not a baby anymore. She has advanced so much in everything! Her vocabulary is so amazing that she says things that my jaw drops everytime! When she asks for something, she will often say, "Mommy, I need this, please! Can I have this!" And when I say no, she'll say, "Fine, never mind..." Ha! And when anyone calls out for her and she's doing something, she'll say, "Not now please, I'm busy!" And when I'm being loud, she'll say, "Mom, shhhhh! You're too loud!" And, when she approves of something, she'll say, "That's better" or "perfect!" There are so much more too! She can carry out an entire conversations and not only that, she initiates the conversations! Mostly by, "Mommy, remember _____! Wasn't that fun!?" And then she'll go on and on, you won't be able to talk! Hahahaha! Oh, and speaking of that, I am just blown away by her memory! She can remember things from when she was a year old! How is that possible? I mean how is that possible that I have an almost 3 year old grown-up!? She is so creative! So artsy! Her room is full of paintings, drawings, colorings, etc! It's all beautifully abstract... almost like Monet's! Hahahaha! But really, I am so amazed by this child! Oh, and her reasoning! My goodness! This child can take me for a ride if I get too carried away... her face is so credible that I, a 29 year old, can get fooled! Hahaha! Ooooooooh! I'm telling ya! This kid is a wonder! Makes me such a PROUD mom! Oh, she's also the life of every party! She is very popular wherever we go! Kids line up to play with her! Isn't that cool???? I have a famous child to begin with! Hahaha!

But really, I'm a proud mom and having the opportunity to raise her is the most prized blessing I've ever received! God truly loves me! :-)

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