It's that time of year

Christmas is in 9 days! And I am getting all excited! It's more exciting this year because Micah is in the age where she can really get hyped-up with the idea of getting gifts. So, there has been an ongoing debate between me and Malcolm (and everybody else) whether or not we should make her believe in Santa Claus. I grew up never believing in Santa because my parents think that it stirs away from the real celebration, which is Jesus Christ. Then again, alot of my Christians friends and Malcolm included (having grown up believing in Santa), I should encourage it because it fosters imagination and wonder in a child; furthermore, it can be a precursor to understanding what giving is all about. Because honestly, I don't think an almost 3 year old child can really understand what it means yet for Jesus dying for our sins. Although Micah has this immense love for Jesus this early on (and I just thank God for whatever revelation that brought that about at a very young age), the only thing she can really understand about the relation of Christmas to Jesus is that, it's His birthday. But for me, I'm torn all because I don't want my child to experience what I've experience. By nature, I test things, so when my parents said that there's no Santa and my other friends from preschool said that there was, I tested Santa. I wrote a letter to him in secret, so early on I know it was a lie. But that experience also made me grow-up fast from what I remember... and I also ruined Santa for everybody else because of my adamant persuasion that Santa's a bust. Anyways, as much as possible, I don't want that for my child - that skepticism and unbelief... I think that though debatable, believing in Santa does encourage good things. Well, at this point, I don't know but what I know is, when I ask my child what she wants for Santa to just know if she does believe, she going to answer, "No mom! that's silly!" So I guess it'll be easier to not make her believe... ;-)

PS. Merry Christmas Everyone! Sorry for the lags in my posts.

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