Micah the composer, singer and everything else!

Yes, my baby has composed 2 songs so far...

1. Thank you Jesus

Thank you Jesus, Go to Jesus, I love Jesus (over and over)

2. Look at the window
Look at the window, watching the sky (repeat but change sky to sun)

She also has more made up songs, but it usually involves what she's doing at the moment and will forget it as soon as I ask. I am so amazed how her creativity evolves. Usually, she just sing songs, but now she makes up her own! Isn't it a wonder? Oh, and she loves to sing. Last Sunday, she has a mini-concert in church (she grabbed the mic as we were packing up), she sang the following songs:

1. It's a small world
2. Happy Birthday (this went on because she had to sing it with everybody's names)
3. You've got a friend in me
4. Ring around the rosie
5. Twinkle, twinkle, little star

I mean needless to say, I am a VERY proud mom! But it's such a shame I didn't have my camera or videocam everytime! Bad mommy!

Oh, and speaking of "You've got a friend in me", Micah is so into "Toy Story" lately. I mean she wants Woody, Jessie and Buzz to be in her birthday! She's also very excited that in a few days, we are going back to the happiest place on earth! Yes, we're going to Disneyland!!! YAY! I am very happy that we can keep on doing this for her. She really loves Disneyland and everything disney. She's still in the phase where she has to be a different princess everyday but now, Jessie is added! Oh, and everytime daddy plays the "drawn to the magic" and parade songs in Disneyland, she just jumps of her feet and dances so elegantly, with pirouettes and jumps! And also knows all the Disney characters, yes! EVERYBODY!

What else.... Well, she's still into cooking and drawing. Coloring and painting are favorites too. She also loves to read... she can even tell the story to herself when she reads her princess books.... amazingly, it's accurate! She even knows who the fairy godmother (including her bibidi, bobidi, boo) and bad sisters in Cinderella; she knows the dwarfs and the evil queen in SnowWhite; She knows Jasmine's tiger Rajah and the genie and carpet! And every story, she'll end with "And they live happily ever after"! Oh, and she knows all the songs of the different princesses. If I tell her, what's the song for Cinderella, she'll sing, "So this is love" and it goes on, per princess, she knows!

And this child can speak really well, I mean she can carry-out conversations with adults. She doesn't babble at all, she drops the "R" at times, but over all, she can speak ever so cutely!

She's very excited about Christmas, she always asks when can we get the "Trishmas Tree" and what she'll get as presents... like when she sees something she likes, she'll say, "for Christmas"! I mean she already knows the idea! So smart!!!!

There is so much more... I should really blog about it once she does it, but it just gets so busy. But man, I so enjoy this child! And I am thankful to God that He graced me with someone who's smart, funny, well adapted child like Micah. THANK YOU LORD!

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