Why I appreciate my parents more

Ever since I had Micah, I have developed a new found respect for my parents. Now I understand why they were so strict... that it wasn't because they didn't trust me, but because they didn't trust the world that much. Now I get why my mom is so conflicted with how she should relate to us, as a friend or as a mom... and how that overlaps most of the time. Now I get why parents "guilt-trip"... it's really just a subtle way to make kids realize things without having to tell them. Now, more than ever, I appreciate my parents for everything they've done for us. Sure, they're not perfect, but I believe in my heart that they tried their best to be the best parents they can be for us. And with all my heart, I can say that I am grateful for the naps, the curfews, the "you eat whatever is on the table" rule, the "no boys allowed" rule, the "you better pray I don't ever catch you on the phone in the wee hours of the morning" rule... well, all the rules for that matter; the "how many spanks you think your offense deserves" discipline (subtle way of putting the guilt on you for being spanked! Ha!); basically, for everything! Even those things I still don't understand to this day, I am grateful!

But more than that, I also found a new appreciation for my parents for loving my daughter. I know this is supposed to be a "given" thing that grandparents love their grandchildren... but see, in my situation being so far away from them, I can see their EFFORT in showing Micah how much she's loved. Everytime they come, I see a different kind of happiness in my child's face that she's solely reserving for amma (grandma) and ampa (grandpa). I loved that my child asked my papa the other day, "ampa, can you stay forever!?" and showing my mama how much she's hurt when my mom accidentally said she's going back to Hawaii. In fact, when my parents left for LA the other day, my baby even consoled herself by repeating the reassuring words my parents left her when they left that "amma and ampa are going to be back Monday." I mean, doesn't that say it all!?

So mama and papa, THANK YOU! Thank you so much for loving Micah. She is so blessed to have grandparents like you! And belated happy grandparents day! We love you!

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