Movies I watched recently

*Spoiler alerts included*

I love watching movies! Doesn't matter what type of genre, although the romantic ones often catch my eye. But lately, I'm beginning for fall in love with action-adventure-suspenseful type movies. I'm not sure if it was brought about by my husband who, the gorier the movie is, the more the anticipation he has to watch it. Anyways, I'm not really into the bloody killings but I do love a good plot, which oftentimes, romantic movies don't necessarily have. Case in point, "Letters to Juliet". Yes, the movie is good. There are scenes in the movie that will actually make you feel all tingly inside. But the thing is, I've watched this before! Or at least some movie that has the same feel to it a hundred times before... A girl, already in a relationship, swept off her feet by another "Romeo". Very... vanilla. I mean, even a very, "to the max" mushy girl like me could use a different story line once in a while. Is that asking for too much? I mean, compare "Letters to Juliet" to, say "Repo Man". That movie JUST ROCKED! I was at the edge of my seat almost the entire time! And for me, the movie is somewhat romantic! I loved that scene where they have to cut each other up so they can save each other!* Talk about HARD CORE romance! That's what I'm talking about! Give romance some meat! Another movie I watched was "Iron Man 2". It's okay.. It's a familiar story, and I like the effects... okay, that's a lie. I mean I like the movie and everything, but what I really loved about it was the scene where all the rigged robots were about to explode and Tony asked Rhodey, "Where's Pepper?" His face said it all... his love for Pepper! Just that one scene... ahhhhh! Hmmmm... Oh, another movie that I think was just a waste of time, "Back-up Plan". I love Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughin (especially in Hawaii Five-O), but they should NOT do any more movies together. They have no chemistry at all! And suggestion to Ms. JLo, please use a "toe" double next time. I would like to think that you're perfect. Hahaha!

As I've said, I love romantic watching movies, but I think I'm becoming an action-adventure convert. I still can't do horror though... yeah, I get scared!

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