The fight to keep the norm

Change is good, but not always comfortable. But if not changing means being stuck in a rut where you just remain polite and not talk about the "giant elephant in the room"... yes, it may be fine for a while, but what happens after the season of being "fine" is long gone? A lot of people just purposely decide to get by, to just be enough...

... learn just enough not to flunk,
... work just enough not to get fired,
... try just enough to be noticed,
...love just enough not to be alone.

In a life so scarce with time, why is "being okay" became so "okay" that people, who are designed by their Creator to dream, hope, and long for something better, became people who are fighting their way through life striving for "okay"? A lot of people choose to exist but not really live... most of us just go about our lives so we can have the same things and stay in the same place and be with the same people. Why? Why is it so important for so many for their lives to stay the same? Why is it so vital to hold on the things/situations/relationships when, in reality, it's not working out anymore? Why is it that there's so much pain in thinking about the "what if" in life? Why is it that change can be so repulsive even to the best of us? Why?

Maybe it's just me. Maybe for the most part and the best of people, the "norm" is already living out the dream. Maybe achieving the "mediocre" and the "good enough" is really the best part of life. Heck, maybe it's not even supposed to be called mediocre in the first place? After all, it's good enough. But what if "good enough" really is the deterrence to "the best there is"? What if there's really a window that God intended for you to go through but you're so stuck in watching the door not to close? What if giving a little bit more can change the course of your story?

All I can say is, being okay, so overrated!

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