Spam Musubi

One of the best eats I can think of (and crave for most often) is spam musubi. Yes, I LOVE SPAM! A lot of people are appalled by it because they say that Spam really stands for "Spare Parts of Anonymous Meat" (emphasis on anonymous). But still, I guess the Hawaiian in me loves this delicacy because once you try it, it is really ono (delicious). Spam musubi is so easy to make and I know for sure that there are a lot of people that have their own take to it.

Kitchen gadget needed:
1. Spam Musubi mould that can be purchased in Asian specialty stores (i.e Ichiban Kan, Daichi, or Google it)
2. Baking brush

1 can of SPAM
2-3 tbs. of vegetable/olive oil
3 cups of rice (cooked)
Teriyaki Sauce
Furikake (Japanese seasoning)
Rice Vinegar (optional)
Nori (dry seaweed used in making sushi)
few drops of water


1. Drench the cooked rice with a few tbs.of rice vinegar and sprinkle a few dashes of furikake (ratio of rice to vinegar depends on your taste. You can skip this process if you don't like the vinegar taste).

2. Fry the spam until brown (or crispy, which I like).

3. Cut Nori sheets in halves or third (depending on the size of the nori - rule of thumb, it should cover at least 3/4 of the middle of the Spam)

4. Place musubi mold in the center of the nori sheet, put a few scoops of right and press tightly inside until it reaches 3/4 from the edge. Brush it with teriyaki sauce. Place the fried spam on top and brush once again with teriyaki sauce.

5. Dip your fingers in the water and wet one edge of the nori sheet. Bring two ends together to fold the rice and spam inside.


Note: You can also use different kinds of meat like, teriyaki beef or chicken; or you can make it a breakfast musubi by adding a fried egg. YUMMY!

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