Wanted: Space (random post)

I guess it's true that the moment you get a bigger space, the more space you need. That's exactly what's been happening to our family. When we moved back to the Bay Area last 2008, we (my husband, 1 year old then and I) decided that since we are leaving all our stuff back in Hawaii, we wouldn't need a big space, so we thought we can settle in a one-bedroom apartment comfortably... or so we thought. Not even a year in that apartment, we were busting at the seams! We can't even fit a dining table anymore because my daughter's stuff took over the place. So, before our lease is up last April 2009, I bravely sucked my fears of prices up and looked for a bigger apartment. Thank God we found another apartment in the same complex (just different building) that has two bedrooms that also has a distinguishable dining and living areas. The best part, it's not that far off price wise from what we were paying our one-bedroom for. So back then, we had lots of space... it was heaven!

Fast forward to two weeks ago when I first felt clobbered once again by stuff! I was cleaning my daughter's bedroom and I noticed that there is such wasted space in the nooks and crannies. I thought to myself, a nicely designed twin bunks with stairs with built in drawers can do the trick in saving that space. Then I thought, maybe Malcolm and I should just get a trundle bunk bed too! That will give us the opportunity to put a little office/reading table in our room! But as I proposed the idea to my 3 year old as I was browsing online bed store sites, she said that she much prefers a boat bed, which of course is out of the question. And when I told my husband about getting bunks for us, he looked at me like I was crazy. Well, maybe I was getting a little crazy at that point because I have no idea how we can accumulate so much stuff in such a short span of 2 years! We even constantly do some sort of clean-up and separate things (mostly toys) in our give-away pile, so I am constantly dumbfounded as to why  we, once again, need more space.

I guess it really is that way. Little things here and there, especially with a 3 year old living with us can make everything look.... scattered. And of course, the busyness of our lives as well doesn't really help our organization that much. And as for me, I really have to also be proactive in finding a way to organize things that makes it still accessible. The problem with me is that the way I clean up is I hide things. Out of sight, out of mind. However, it just makes it more difficult to keep track of the things we actually do have... sigh... 

The next few weeks, I will focus on organizing stuff in our home... I will let you know if this will solve our space issue. If not, we might just have to move once again. Ugh! Another "venting" post in the making!

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