Thankful for Star Trek and for being a woman

So, something that you should know about me other than what you already know in my posts is that I am a TREKKER. Yes, I'm an avid fan of Star Trek, mainly the ST Voyager series. I attribute my fondness to the show to my husband, who is a trekker himself. A lot of people laugh at us because usually, they think trekkers are geeks who believe that the show is real. I can rightfully say that it's an ignorant judgement because most of the Star Trek fans, though we love the science fiction part, love the story behind it more. Star Trek Voyager is so close to my heart because I can relate to the main character, the captain of the USS Voyager, Captain Kathryn Janeway. I love that she is around 5 feet tall, feisty, non-apologetic and is responsible for an entire starship load of people... very likable to a mom who's responsible for her household. It may not be hundreds of people in my home, but I definitely feel like I'm picking-up after a hundred people. Kidding aside, I am thankful for the show because I am just amazed by how a woman's strength is portrayed. It's such a sensitive, gentle, at times, quiet restraint kind of strength. And how we do that, I just don't  know...

Today, my sister Hannah gave birth. She was in labor since 11pm last night... probably more earlier since Hannah has a high threshold for pain, so she might be already in labor but didn't mind it at all. Anyways, it once reminded me of how amazing it is to be a woman. Yeah, men fault us women for being loud, nagging and obnoxious at times, but most times, we are the silent, unsung strength of our family. From the moment we are born, we women are destined to take up a role that is undefined, yet encompassing. We become daughters, sisters, bestfriends, enemies to some, etc. We take up such titles with endearing relationships associated to each. We care for them deeply in our hearts, courageously keeping them, taking care of them. Then, we marry... we courageously submit to our husbands (regardless of the fact that we think they're 99% wrong *smile*). We love them, take care of them, keep a household for them, etc. Then, in a weird twist of fate, we become the silent mate who is somehow responsible for making them or breaking them. Then we have children... we carry them, give birth to them, and forever be without a heart as it is now beating in the lives of our children. We become the most trivial and the most vital person to our kids - from the "boo-boo" kisser to the one giving them pointers how to raise their children. Then we have grandchildren... We then become the pillar of strength of our children that are now the mothers/fathers learning the path we have undertaken a long time ago. Our home will be the safest haven for our grandchildren to run amok expecting to be spoiled. And even in the twilight years of a woman's life, she would have to still exemplify graceful strength... quiet courage.

A lot of times, I curse my womanhood - from the monthly curse we all go through, the labor pains we will endure, and still, the double standard on us oftentimes. But I LOVE BEING A WOMAN because, as my daughter says, "I am brave, strong and fast!"... And yes, I got all this from Star Trek. What a nerd! Ha!
Here's a clip of Captain Janeway as requested my by hubby:

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  1. Star Trek forever! ;) You should post a video clip of one of your fav episodes (is that possible?) so that your audience will understand what you mean by a fantastic storyline. ;)