Happy Monday

Okay, good afternoon people! I've been out of commission for a few weeks... I've been VERY BUSY to say the least. But I'm all good! Great actually! There's a whole lot of things that has happened in my life that makes me wanna sing!

1. First off, I am so thankful (even though it's not thankful Tuesday yet) that these past few weeks are jam-packed with blessings! I am foremost thankful that everybody in my family are ok! Details tomorrow...

2. Thanksgiving weekend was a BLAST! I had so much fun with my family! We did our usual tradition - eating, watching movies, resting, BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING, resting, picking up a Christmas tree and decorations (This year's colors are red, white and gold!), baking cookies, eating once more and sleeping! It was so MUCH fun!

3. Micah has no food allergies! YAY! Although she's highly allergic to dustmites/dust and cats, slightly to dogs. But I am so happy that she didn't get my proneness for allergies to food! I am SO HAPPY about this!

4. My dad was cleared from lymphoma 100%! After I blogged about it the last time, I said that there would still be a series of tests for him just in case the doctor missed something. After all the tests, he's cancer-free! THANK GOD!

5. Malcolm's neck is getting better! He has numbing still occasionally but not as bad as before.

6. Our business is slowly, but surely taking off. All the credit to my husband for being so wonderfully hardworking!

7. It's our 8th year of marriage this year... Wow!

8. Christmas is upon us and it's my FAVORITE time of the year! After all, it's the celebrated birthday of the most important person in my life, Jesus!

So, in lieu of my wonderful life, I thought of sharing this song. I hope you like it!

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