Everyday I'm thankful

In continuation of the "thankful" Monday post, here are my thanksgiving list for the past year. And yes, I should've posted this a long time ago :-)

1. I am thankful to Jesus. I am thankful that He saved me. Me! The one who complains all the time! The one who nitpicks on every little thing imaginable! Me! The one who just can't try to admit that she's not right ALL THE TIME! ME! Yes, I am thankful that Jesus saw and sees my worth. I am so thankful that He created me to have this worth. I love that accepting Jesus as my number one in life made me worthy. I love you Jesus!

2. I am thankful to my husband of almost 7 years, on December 22, Malcolm. I wasn't looking for love when I met him, but God knew better. He's not only the fulfillment of every dream come true in a man for me, he's also the very best friend anyone could ever have. I love you Malcolm. As I've always said, you are and will always be my one TRUE love.

3. I am thankful to my daughter, Micah Renae. I've always heard that you won't know what love is until you have a child. I don't necessarily think that's accurate, but I think what's true is that one won't know what a mother's love is until you have a child. I think it's a kind of love that's birthed with your child. It's an amazing kind of love... the love that can bring completeness to everything. Micah is that in my life. She completed everything! I am blessed beyond measure to have the smartest, kindest, sweetest, bravest, prettiest, and every great superlative word like her.

4. I am thankful for my parents. I am thankful to my dad that he made me think that I can do it all. Of course I know that I can't do it all, but just his belief in me made me brave enough to try everything. I am thankful for my mom that she showed me how not to control everything. Of course that didn't stop me from trying to control everything, but for those that I can't, I don't feel all that bad. My parents taught me how to fail positively.

5. I am thankful for my sisters, Gem and Hannah. They are really the best sisters ever. Epitome of what sisters should be about.

6. I am thankful for my brother Nathan. He is my first ever baby and I am grateful that he allowed me to be the "big" sister I need to be.

7. I am thankful to all my real friends, the ones you can count by hand. Thank you for accepting me, the entirety of me - being too honest and all - and loving me anyway! You all know who you are and I love you all!

8. I am thankful to our business. It's really my husband's brainchild to go do our telecom business. It's hard work, especially for my husband, but it's starting to slowly pay off.

9. I am thankful for my 3-hour job. It's just enough for me to go do my thing and be what I really want to be  21 hours of the day.

10. I am thankful for me! I am thankful for my very honest, sometimes irreverent, personality. I love that I have learned to be more comfortable in my own skin. I love the fact that I have learned that who I become is who I choose to become. And I love that I have chosen the path I'm taking... I am thankful to be me!

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