so sad...

I'm still bothered from what I witnessed yesterday... two older gentlemen, trying to get some medication from the pharmacy. As I stood in line, I saw the the frustration, probably because of embarrassment these two had. For crying out loud! They just want their medicine! One of them can't get it because his prescription is expired. The other one can't get it because his credit card kept on declining. Thank God for the pharmacist because the older gentleman with an expired prescription was given a "grace" refill - next time though, he can't get his meds anymore without an updated prescription. That means that this gentleman has to muster another $20 for the co-pay before he can be given a fresh prescription for a medicine that I'm sure he's been taking for years now. The other gentleman had to return his baby aspirin, a $4 value, because his 3-month medicine supply cost $30 co-pay/bottle. That's $90! He was saying that he wants to his 3-month supply because he won't be able to go back to the pharmacy as soon as 1 month - probably because he has problems walking, which was pretty obvious considering he is being helped by a cane to stand up, or probably because he had to travel far, pay for gas that is already $3.99/gallon, which probably would cost him more than his 3-month supply of meds.

I know I couldn't solve this - but I found myself tearing up as I stood in line trying to get my prescription. I wanted to offer to pay, but I don't want to add to the surmounting humiliation they were so apparently feeling. I was also so far in the line that if I buy it, they would be long gone for sure. So what did I do... I just teared up, praying silently for God to intervene in their lives.

I just feel that it is such a SHAME that our present government can't give a decent healthcare for the aging. It is so sad...

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