Craziness is in town!

I am MIA for the last few weeks and the reason is I'm-just-plain-busy! Everything is happening all at one and I mean ALL AT ONCE! Our business, my visit to Hawaii, our move... GARSH! Just planning it makes my head spin... but in a good way. I guess I can't contain the excitement to the things to come like a new home and a business launch in another state and I'm telling ya, I get tired easily with all this adrenaline pumping through my veins!

About the move, we have to be out of our current place mid-March and as I am preparing the "moving-out", I also have to plan the "moving-in" to our new house. Needless to say, I don't really love packing (who does?), but I'm so loving the idea of having a fresh place to call our own! Also, I have to fly to Hawaii before March 27 as we are launching our business weekly BOMs there. Our business is going to be featured in "Celebrity Apprentice" on March 27 and we are planning to have a business gala of some sort to launch  our business there coinciding with our company being featured on NBC Primetime! How cool is that!? Actually, this is what excites me the most of the things to come! I actually can't wait for the 3 weeks I'll be spending in Hawaii! Ah! What a job huh? :-)

So these coming weeks will be C-R-A-Z-Y! But wonderful crazy though! I can't imagine how, in our times, can we have so much "ups"! So yes, I am happily and crazily busy and I am LOVING every minute of it!


  1. WOW - things sound really amazing and exciting for you guys right now. I'm so happy you guys found a new place. Good luck with the move and everything.

  2. Hey, KK! Yup! Pretty exciting huh? Aren't you also looking for a place? I hope you can find one soon! God bless!