When to get pregnant again

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Mai is almost four years old and a lot of people are often asking when will we have another one. Malcolm and I initially decided that we will not plan for it to happen. If it does, great! If it doesn't, great as well! But I hear a lot of people saying that it's not good to have only one child and the reason are as follows:

- Micah will be sad. She needs a playmate

- Four year gap is the perfect timing between childrens

- It's unfair to those who don't have the ability to have children

- We have great genes!

- We have to have a boy - to carry the Buzon name

Those are the most common reasoning of people. Yeah, they're all funny considering the fact that having children is an issue more than Mai needing a playmate or because we're able to have children. I think what makes us think twice about having more children is, whether or not we are in the position to raise them in the best possible way. There is a HUGE responsibility that goes hand in hand with the joy of an offspring, and regardless of the timing or the great genes, the first priority that should be considered is, "Am I capable enough to raise and support a life?"

In fact, one of the biggest regrets I have when Mai was born is our inability to save her cord-blood (www.Cryo-Cell.net). It's a one time opportunity and since we didn't have the knowledge of why it is important to save a child's cord-blood, we just missed it. Those little things that could mean so much is what parenting is about and unless one has the capacity to think things through, raising a life should not be considered.

And yeah, one thing's for sure, when the timing is perfect to have another child, we will definitely save his/her cord blood. Check this link out for more information: www.Cryo-Cell.com and get a free belly bag!

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