Inexplicable adjustment

Adjusting to our new living conditions is really something new to me. I mean it's not a bad thing, but it certainly is uncomfortable at times. And in times like these, I wonder why the Lord is allowing us to go through this... this uncomfortable path. I am not complaining... just really wondering if we're back here because we haven't learn what we are supposed to learn.

But thinking about the tragedies around the world really does put things in perspective. And as I've said, I am not complaining as there is really nothing to complain about. I am just in awe of things right now. It's like we're starting anew. I guess, all things considered, it is a good thing... you know, to start again. I just don't know how to place feelings lately. I am so doubtful... so fickle-minded.

I guess I was just used to an environment where I am constantly encouraged. I miss that.

Life in our household has become so busy that I have to remember to breathe! But at times, I feel like I can't breathe. I am consumed with all these walls and I feel like I can't express.

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