The dust has settled...

We're finally finished moving! For the past 3 days, that's all we did. And boy! Does my body hurt? But over-all, the move went without a hitch. Now I just have to unpack! UGH! I guess if there is anything worse than packing and moving, it's actually the unpacking. Not to mention I will have to change the kitchen cabinets this Tuesday, so that means, I have to see boxes in my kitchen until that remodel is done. I know, I know! Why the heck am I pushing for new cabinets? Well, what can I say... I like things challenging! Ha! But looking at the other rooms in our house makes me feel accomplished. It's still all not fully done yet, but all the rooms except the kitchen are livable and child-ready! Well, 4-year old child ready (for Mai) since my year-old nephew tripped and toppled over some small things that a 4-year old would know how to not step on! Anyways, we've been here since Friday of last week, and I am actually acclimating fast. I usually have a hard time sleeping when I am in new places, but I guess for the lack of better reasons other than I AM SO TIRED, I was able to sleep soundly! Gladly, so does Mai. :-)

Also, I am here venting my sad little story about the move, but really, this is NOTHING compared to the changes that are happening in the lives of so many Japanese people. My heart is broken for all the people, especially for those who lost a loved one/s. Please, support them by texting "REDCROSS" to 90999. A donation of $10 will be made in your behalf. A little help goes a long way. Also, the most powerful help we can offer is prayer. Let us pray for them - for comfort and courage as the people of Japan face this disheartening tragedy.

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