Simple move turned into a full blown remodeling project

Okay, about the move!

So what I thought was something so simple as, moving, has become more complicated that I thought. Last week, amidst cleaning our new place, Malcolm and I found out that the kitchen cabinets weren't flushed to the roof and there is this inch of space opening between them. So guess what we've discovered? A mountain of dust (which Mai is highly allergic to) with some other unknown icky stuff that I can't even clean out because NOTHING can fit into that one-inch crevice. I tried all the swiffer dusters available but to no avail! I also tried shoving a wet cloth in it, but it almost got stuck in it.

So, what did we decide? To postpone our Hawaii trip and just change the darn cabinets! Ugh! What did we get ourselves into!?

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