Partying sick... and D-land!

Yes... for the past few days, I am suffering from headaches, colds and slight cough, probably from post-nasal drip. Anyways, the past weekend was awesome and even if I was sick, I had a blast last night celebrating our company's 2nd time being featured in Celebrity Apprentice. It was a great night, seeing friends from our former church and business colleagues in a more relaxed, party setting. What was even greater is that I was able to bring Micah to the shindig. She had a BALL! I'm glad that she can really find fun among the grown-ups, and that she enjoyed the party as much as I did.

So, in 2 days we are (tat-ta-ra-ra!) DISNEYLAND bound! YIPPPEEEEE!!!! We are celebrating Mai's 4th birthday! And by golly wow! I am so EXCITED!!!! Malcolm and I really pulled all the stops and we plan to do every birthday activity D-land has for the little lady! We're doing "Dland birthdays with Pat. E. Cake", birthday celebration during Disney Dining (she is going to receive a treasure chest for birthday princesses), Bibidi-bobbidi-boutique, Character breakfast in Ariel's grotto, World of Color picnic feast, AND SO MUCH MORE! And Mai, being the brave girl she is, said that she will try to ride the "Haunted Mansion" for the first time! Weeeeee! Finally! Since the first time we brought her to Dland, I was not able to ride it out of fear that Mai will be scared. Thank God she's braving more rides now :-)

But, I still do feel a little icky from being sick... hopefully, I'll be fine in the next two days. In the meantime, enjoy this video...

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  1. Have fun in Dland!! Ride all the rides for me and say hi to Mickey. :) Hope you feel better soon.