Every penny counts

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I recently had a talk with my sister, Hannah. She is thinking of going back to school and finishing her degree. She was asking me if it's worth the time and money. I finished my Psychology degree online. Well, getting my degree was worth the time... I just don't know if it's worth the money. After getting my degree, I wanted to pursue getting into my graduate studies, but because I already have a humongous debt I need to pay, I was so unsure if I can afford to get my Masters. So, I didn't do it. Thank God that my sister has a Navy husband who has generously shared with her his GI Bill education benefits. She can go to school wherever and whenever she likes. 

Paying for education has become a luxury, it's so sad! A lot of recent high school graduates I know have to think twice before they decide if they can afford to go to college. I mean, getting a great education should be an option everyone should have. Sadly, with this rising economic problem, even our future generation are affected. But recently, I came upon Ashworth College. Finally, a school that offers tuition 50% less that the average accredited online school, so your money goes further, nowadays, savings is the name of the game!  Every penny counts! As for my sister, the possibility of graduating with zero debt is the best option for her. I'm guessing if she goes to Ashworth College, then that wish will come true!

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