I can be anal-retentive, high maintenance, control freak and what ever other extreme adjectives you can whip out. I must admit I'm many of those, but one thing I am not - I am not a manipulator! And because of that, I HATE MANIPULATORS! Yes, I know hate is a very strong word and yes, I do feel very strongly about people who use things, situations, even words to deceive and manipulate others into feeling/thinking/acting otherwise! I have cut out many people in my life because I don't want ANY kind of invalidation/manipulation/bullying in my life. Now, I always say that I can't stand it when people ask stupid questions, but you know what I will not tolerate - it's when people ask me manipulative questions. Regardless how innocent/harmful they can seem, I am VERY good in catching them and I am even better in responding to them and shutting them up.

Case in point, this morning. I had to bring my daughter to work again because of scheduling issues. Now, I have this co-worker that I can say is a friend of mine... for the most part. I mean, we do get along and everything. She can be overbearing with her repeated stories, thinking out loud talking and repeated stupid questions. But those things, I can tolerate. After all, EVERYBODY has their own quirk. But my GOD! This morning, I swear! I almost lost it! Actually, it started yesterday when I first had to bring Micah to work. Everybody already saw my daughter, including my boss and DID NOT say anything AT ALL because Micah, not to brag or anything, is unlike any other child. She is NEVER unruly and she NEVER misbehaves. In fact, this I'm actually proud to say, every time I bring my daughter to any adult function, she acts more of a lady than most adult women! I mean, I am so proud of how behaved she always is. Now, back to my story, so yesterday when I brought her to work, NO ONE has said anything EXCEPT this co-worker. Her initial reaction upon seeing my daughter is, "is she going to stay with you all 3 hours?" I knew it was an manipulative questions already but I let it slide because, given her history of stupid questions, I thought, it probably was just a stupid remark. But today, I just had it! She comes by my desk again to ask, "doesn't it bother people when you bring her to work?" referring to Micah. I looked at her and straightforwardly say, "Nope, no one has said anything about it. Does it bother you?" She looks away and started shaking her head. I looked away as she started talking about something else - about something that I don't have anything to do with - and made her feel that her welcome in my area had just expired! With that cue, she left still talking to me but me not responding.

Needless to say, I am PISSED! For sure, this will be the start of a VERY different relationship... and not in a good way. What can I say, I HATE MANIPULATORS! I cut out  people in my life because I don't want ANY kind of invalidation/manipulation/bullying in my life and there are NO EXCEPTIONS! 


  1. I think I know who you're talking about... :P All I can say is sorry you had such a rough morning. I hope your day got better spending time with Hannah, Kyle, and Caleb (of course M & M). :) Hope I get to see you tomorrow. :)

  2. Hi, KK! It did get better. I am over it, but will never forget it. As I've said, it will be different and not in a good way.