I miss CALEB!

Yesterday, my sister, BIL and oh, so very cute nephew went back to Hawaii after a week of vacation with me. And oh, my goodness! It was a very F-U-N week ever! I don't think I've laughed that much and that hard in a while now... but we had a blast!

I am exceptionally grateful for Kyle and Hannah for bring Caleb here to SF to visit me as I haven't met my nephew yet. I mean, I just want to "oooh" and "aahh" everytime I talk about him. He is a 5-month old pure cuteness! In fact, my daughter, Micah, just melted when she met Caleb and every few minutes since they left yesterday, Mai will either ask, "mom, do you miss Caleb?" or make the comment, "mom, I really miss Caleb!"

It was a great time for me, Malcolm and Micah. I do hope they had a great time with us too. Until July!

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