Fun with the hubs!

I totally forgot how much FUN Malcolm and I have every time we play scrabble. I remember we used to play the game until wee hours in the morning. Yeah, sounds boring to others... not to us though. And the funniest thing of all is we also help each other if one is having a hard time formulating words with picked sulky letters. Ha! Yeah, competition is lost with us! :-)

Anyways, we've found that with Words with Friends in Ipad, you can actually pass and play with an opponent. So, that's what we did all weekend since we had to postpone our Father's Day plans due to Mai's illness. But man! We did have to much fun just staying in and playing WWF. So, another "good thing we bought the overly priced Ipad" point. At least we get to play scrabble in it without us knocking the tiles over!

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