Calm and collected

Calm and collected... what I so aspire to master. I would like to be calm and collected every time, in the most lady-like possible way. I am so cut-throat transparent that anyone within an eye-shot can see if a situation/person/thing is affecting me in either a positive or negative manner. I am usually the "shrieking, yelling, air fist-pumping, jumping up and down" kind of gal when I something excites me or if I'm happy. It can be embarrassing, I know. But I just can't help it. And, when I'm low, one can usually tell as the black cloud that descends over my head is something no one can miss.

Maybe that's why I'm so fascinated with British people. I am such a big fan of the royal family! Not because their royals or scandalous, but because they seem so proper, so calm. Look at their queen, total class and exuding of what lady-likeness is all about. I like that. And aside from movies, I have never seen any Brit lose their temper. I mean, look at Hugh Grant - caught with his pants down and still managed to shimmy his way out of a scandal in the most collected way possible. I wonder if their accent has anything to do with their being so classy. To-MAE-to... po-TAE-to... so cool! And how they pronounce long "u"s in d-ew-ty (duty), S-tew-pid (stupid). Or maybe drinking too much tea has something to do with it. I guess tea does have it's calming effects.

Sigh... maybe I should move to England... or drink more tea. :-)

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