Finally! Hello, SUMMER!

After about two weeks of dealing with so many things, I.e., Mai's start of school, her bout with sickness, new work schedules for the hubs and I, the endless unpacking, yet still... Our family is finally ready to welcome summer! Hello, SUMMER! And we are aptly celebrating it with a much needed get away. Well, it's really a working getaway for my hubby as it is also ACN's international convention. But it's ok! Anyways, here we are checked in at some swanky hotel near Great America theme park (where Mai and I will be tomorrow)... Thanks to our friend, who gave us his employee discount ;). Good to have connections, eh? Mai and I quite enjoyed our day today, swimming, napping and stuffing ourselves with Chinese and junk food. Hey, we're on vacation! It's ok to indulge, right? And now we are ready to turn in for the night as we enjoy star trek voyager (for mom) and muppets(for Mai) marathon. Ah! This is life... Goodnight!

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