Talk about AWESOME!

I can't sleep... I just can't help but to feel so amazingly grateful for all the blessings we have been receiving. If there is anytime that I ever felt so undeserving, it's now. I mean, God really answers prayers, and He does it in the most unexpected ways.

My amazement started when we decided to finally enroll Mai in school. That is a blessing in itself because her tuition is quite pricey and had we not moved into our new home, we wouldn't be able to afford it. So, yeah, the living conditions that I was complaining about in my previous posts? It is a blessing to begin with. I just had to wait and see... and now I'm seeing so clearly.

So, to top that unexpected blessing, I thought I would have a problem adjusting Mai's school schedule with work. But what ended up happening is, my bosses scheduled my work hours around Mai's school schedule so we I can be off on the days that she's off from school. And they even added an extra hour of work in my schedule! That means extra money for us! Just simply amazing huh?

And the best part! Malcolm and I were complaining that we rarely have date nights anymore, but now, with my revamp schedule, I can actually have lunch with him every Monday, so there is the answer to our prayer! May not be date nights but date afternoons! And you know what they say about afternoon delights... er, I mean dates *wink*

So, there! Isn't amazing how every minute detail, even those that we detest, He can make beautiful? Amazing God! Amazing Love! Unending grace!

I love you Lord Jesus! You are so awesome!


  1. It great how things work out sometimes, just not how you planned. Glad things are going so well!

  2. Thanks so much! You always have the kindest words. God bless you!