What exercise?

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I came back from my doctor's appointment a few days ago and I am still pondering what happened. So, my doctor told me that my BMI is a tad high and that I have to do something about it. Otherwise, I might develop long term health problems. And here I was, thinking that I was just going in for a routine check-up of my thyroid. So, my doctor proceeded to enroll me to attend this healthy-eating class with the assumption that my super busy lifestyle is not giving me much time to eat healthily. He also told me to find time to do some sort of activity 30 minutes everyday. That's when I gave him the lengthy excuse of "it's really my rice intake and not my lack of exercise". And what do you  know, my stoic doctor laughed! What was funny with what I said? Geez! Amidst his laughter, he told me, I can't blame the rice. Then what am I supposed to blame then?

Kidding aside, after being a mom, I really find it so hard to find time to catch-up with my to-do list, moreso, find time to do some "activity". Oh, btw, I am supposed to find an exercise activity I enjoy, otherwise I won't stick with it. My! Is he kidding!? First of all, I much rather read a book if I did have time to spare; and second, I don't even have time to spare! Geez! But I guess that's the flip side of being a mom... as much as I LOVE being one, I also find time eluding me... it always goes by faster than I can cope.

So, you can just imagine my envy when I found out that Cryo-Cell, the leading cord-blood bank that helps preserve newborns' umbilical cord for potential use against unforeseen diseases, is giving a  new Baby Jogger City Mini stroller everytime a new mom enrolls in their Cryo-Cell U-Cord service! How convenient, right!? You can really see how invested Cryo-Cell is with their customers. 

New moms, you have no idea how a jogging stroller can help your life! A walk in the park/mall/grocert becomes an exercise activity that both you and your newborn will enjoy! enroll today! I know I would've have!

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