Time - life's indefinable ingredient

I think it was my friend Gena who said, "Motherhood feels like long days but short months..." I hope I said it accurately. Anyways, I do feel that way ALL THE TIME! For the past years, I've been contemplating about whether or not I should homeschool Micah. And since a few months ago after I decided homeschooling is not a good fit for us, I went on to research which Christian preschool is the best fit for us. And now, that it's just literally days away before Mai starts school, I can't help but to feel so sad because the process went by so swiftly... well, I feel that now. But ask me a 2 years ago when I started the process for this, it literally felt like I have ages and ages ahead of me. Where has the time gone? Sigh...

So here I am... feeling the pressure of time. Waiting for this long day to end just to feel so anxious that my daughter's school day is fast approaching. Ugh! I hate this feeling!

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