Finding my calm

There are days I wish I was a Vulcan. Yeah, for those non-trekkers, Vulcans are an alien specie in the Star Trek Universe that exhibit no emotions. They are so in control of their emotions that they, in turn, don't feel anymore. Oh, how I wish I could be that. I wish nothing could faze me. Unfortunately, I empathize more with the Klingons (yeah, I'm a geek ok!) and should you ask, they are also an alien specie in, once again, Star Trek universe, that is totally opposite of the Vulcans - they only act on instinct and emotion. They're very volatile... well, much like me.

Today was a testament to that. I almost acted out my "Klingon" inclination, wanting to rip out the tongue of this smug, pathetic little man, that, just to elicit laughs, will tear down people they don't even know. I was livid when he tried to joke at my husband's expense! I was so mad I wanted to resort to finding a way to really hurt him. But of course, my "Vulcan" of a husband, helped me find my calm midst my raging ire. As I was telling him how this insolent man, who doesn't know even know him, had the gall to berate him to get a few laughs, he just said to forget about him as he probably was just trying to make a joke but didn't know how to deliver it. Sigh... with that, I was calm. Still mad, but calm.

I still do wish I had his "seeking first to understand" attitude. I'm still angry and I still would like to rip that arrogant tongue out of that moron, but I am calm now. Calm enough not to actually do it. Sigh...

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