My school girl

September 7 was Mai's official first day of school. She looked so amazing in her uniform! I still can't believe that she's grown so much. I mean, I had to help her for a good hour yesterday doing her homework! By golly! I have a child who does "homework"! Ha!

Over the Labor Day weekend, Malcolm discovered some home dvds we haven't seen for years, and we discovered that they were Mai's videos from when she was a baby, her first trip to DL, her first birthday, her first Christmas in SF, etc. Needless to say, it was a very sappy, nostalgic weekend. Mai's was so funny, because every time I get teary watching the videos, she'll say, "Good grief! Mom! You're crying again!" Hahaha! Then she'll say, "mom, wish that I was a baby again! C'mon, close your eyes and wish!" So I'll do as she says and when I open my eyes she'll retort, "oops! Too bad! Still a big girl!" Hahahaha!

But little does she know that regardless of how grown she'll be, she will always be my baby! That's the perk of being her mom! :-)

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