I have no words...

... to thank JESUS for all this blessings... for making the impossible, possible!

See, this is where I think people who don't believe in a "GOD" have the disadvantage. I mean, all it takes is a little faith to believe. Just that willingness to open oneself up and trust what we think is impossible. I can't even begin to tell you the unexplained amazing things/happenings/opportunities that has happened in my life that I can only attribute to my relationship with Jesus. Most of the times, what I pray for isn't really what I get, but just the fact that I can raise my petitions to "Someone" and the comfort and promise of hope I receive from that "Someone" far outweighs receiving an answer. REALLY! It's like, every load I have is lifted; every pain I have is soothe; every tear I cry is understood. It's just amazing... 

Jesus, thank YOU! Once again, You've managed to blow my mind in amazement. Even in the simplest, most mundane things in my life, You care about them. Thank you so much! My heart is overwhelmed!

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