I will eventually love you, Monday

Happy Monday! That's the optimist in me...

But if you "honestly" ask me how Mondays are, I have one word for it: DRAG!

Oh! I am trying my best to change my paradigm about Mondays and so far, whatever tactic I employ hardly works. I'm still working at it though... but Mondays do come fast enough. TOO DARN FAST! The weekend breezed through like a sneeze! You know, that much awaited sneeze you want to sneeze out and then once it's over, relief washes over you. But the difference between weekends and sneezes, I can't get enough weekends to actually experience a much needed relief. It's like weekends are busier... the more you plan to rest, the more you find responsibilities to be done. Sigh. Maybe that's why Mondays are a drag! It always comes to show how short weekends are and how long you'll have to wait until you get the next one.

But I will eventually love you, Mondays... soon! I can feel it!

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