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So, once again, for the second time in the last 1 and a half year, something happened to our laptop. Remember my post before about Best Buy losing our laptop when we brought it in for repairs? Yeah, that was one. Then the replacement laptop just lived a good few months before it just died. I don't understand why, it's brand new and all. But I guess it's ran its course and just died. THANK GOD we don't have any pertinent files stored in it. But it was still a bummer losing some of those files (i.e. my papers from school, scanned invoices, etc.).

So, after a good few months, we bought another laptop. And we aren't crossing our fingers that this time it won't have any glitch. We are taking all the precaution (i.e. external hard drive!). But I've heard about Carbonite. It provides computer backup and works automatically and continuously in the background while your computer is connected to the internet. And I think the best part about it once that your files are back up, you can access them anywhere, anytime from virtually any internet connected device. That includes your phone because of the free Carbonite mobile app for iPhones, Android and Blackberry devices. It really takes the worry out of backing up and storing important files. All that for $59/year with free 15 days to try with no credit card needed.  So, it might be Carbonite for us as oppose to an external hard drive... my husband, for sure, would like the online accessibility to it.

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