It just occurred to me...

That I posted something about Mai's first school parade but totally neglected to say anything about it. But yeah, Mai had her first school parade last 8/10/11. It was supposed to be an International Day Parade, i.e. she has to wear something that depicts her national heritage. Needless to say, with the move and all, I didn't have time to prepare. I wanted her to wear the traditional "saya" or "patadjong" that we wear in the Philippines when we have special events like this. But since I didn't have the time to look for/order one, I thought about celebrating her heritage as an American. But then again, I am not well versed about American history and I am so not making my daughter wear a statue of Liberty costume (not that I can conjure up that costume anyway...). Then I thought, why not celebrate the Hawaiian aspect to her lineage. After all, her first year of life was spent in Hawaii. So, with the Hawaiian dress that my parents bought for her, she went on her first parade. It was special too as my dad was there. It was quite an experience for her and for me as well. Can you imagine, a child with such a rich history already? I just hope that her future, whatever it may be, be more than what she is racially. May she be the BEST person God has planned her to be. That's all that matters anyway.

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