Sigh... that's all I can do at the moment. I am so annoyed because certain people just have the knack to make people wait! Like the world only revolves around them! Geez! How difficult is it to say things - inform the "waiting" party whether or not it's even worth to wait on you or should they just decide on things without you.

It's all about control! What I absolutely abhor the most is when people withhold communication just so they can gain control. Such selfish manipulators! I can't believe that people grow old but hardly grow up. And please! If they blame their "crappy" past or the "unfairness" of life that's why they resulted to be this way one more time, I will puke! You can only blame others to a point, the rest you have to take responsibility for.

Sigh... that's all one can do if she's surrounded by idiots!

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