Home Sweet Home!

Ok, so the move is done! YAY! Needless to elaborate, Saturday was both a "happy" day and a "super busy" day. I mean, I was literally out of it by the day's end. And while it was SUPER fun to go to Great America with my sis, BIL, nephew, dad, MB and Mai the next day, it just added pains to my already sore body that I'm only starting to feel right now. I guess I was running on adrenaline since last Friday and am just feeling the "burn" of the move. And my goodness, does it BURN!? I am just about to crash here at work anytime now! Well, maybe after this post ;-)

But, while I am feeling very overwhelmed seeing all the boxes that I need to unpack, I am actually very giddy about our new home! It is the most beautiful place ever! I love that it's in a very peaceful neighborhood! I love that it smells so fresh! I love that the kitchen and dining areas have laminate wood floors! I love that we have a walk-in closet! I love that my family was there with us when we moved. I love that my friends Heather and Ed were there to lend a hand! I love that our new home brings about a lot of PROMISE - a promise of love, family, friendships, peace, joy, and SO MUCH MORE!

Thank You Lord! May you always bless our home! :-)

Special thanks to...

Heather and Ed, for all your help with the move! Thanks for Ed's "muscle powers"! That's really quite amazing! And Heather, thank you for keeping me coherent and directed during the move! Above all, thank you for your friendship!

Hannah, Kyle and Caleb! We are very grateful that you've still managed to swing by the Bay Area to visit us and give me one of the best birthday gifts ever - to spend some time with Caleb. Thank you so much for helping us with move! We're sorry we couldn't be better hosts, but we hope that even for a short time, you've enjoyed your stay. Please come back and visit us again once we've settled!

My Papa! Words will never be enough to express our gratitude for all you've done for us these past few days. You've been our pillar of strength, our source of encouragement and our sympathetic comforter while we faced through one of the toughest days ever! Thank you dad for ALWAYS being here for us. Thank you for helping us with the move, even with your bad knee! And thanks for helping me pack-up too! I wouldn't know how to even start anything had you not been there! Above all, thank you for always being a blessing to our family. Malcolm, Micah and I are so grateful to have you in our lives! Thank you for loving Micah very much! For sure, she will miss your magic tricks! We can't wait to be with you again!

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