But there was a sign!

I'm a believer of signs. Not the ones that people mystically wait for in making life-changing decisions. I'm talking about signs! Real live signs - like the STOP, YIELD and those drawing signs. I am a firm believer that if a sign is up, it's up for a reason. If it says don't do it, you really shouldn't. And it is such a waste if anyone puts up signs not to enforce it.

Case in point the Don't-park-in-other-people's-parking-slots-or-you'll-be-towed sign we have in our parking garage. Yesterday the hellish case of the total disregard of a sign, which apparently is useless after all, happened to us. We went home around 6:30ish pm to find another illegally parked car in our slot AGAIN! Of course, the expected course of action was to call the number of the towing company posted on the "sign" on the wall that specifically states that if a car is illegally parked, it will be towed at the expense of the owner. Now, I'm no rocket scientist but that sign was pretty clear! So, how a simple towing chore took 3 companies to deal with it, namely our apartment complex, the security company and the towing company, for 3 1/2 hours without any resolution was just beyond me!

I'm not going into the hellish details anymore, but needless to say, my husband and I were so frustrated that spiraled to anger by the end of those 3ish hours of being pushed to one supervisor of one company after another without ANYONE wanting to be responsible! It's so pathetic that these companies, who supposedly are in the service of "serving" customers just do the exact opposite of that. I can't believe how many times I heard the phrase "I'm so sorry but we're not authorized to do that" to every possible solution my husband and I suggested. I can't believe that absolutely NO ONE wanted to take the responsibility. It's like they all keep on pointing fingers on who didn't do what, which is why they can't do their job!

So essentially, having said all of that, I still can't believe that it all started with a sign that was plastered on the wall... a sign without any backing of accountability whatsoever but to scare people from parking illegally. It's all a moot point basically. It's utterly and unimaginably idiotic. I mean who does that? Really? C'mon people!

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