New things... good things...

Happy Monday! *BIG SMILE*

Yeah, not so convincing... but I'm really trying not to have a case-of-the-Mondays today since there are a bunch of great news I want to share:

First off, it's my daughter's picture day today! There's only one word to describe it: SO CUTE! Ok, that's two words - but OMG! It is really so cute having to see her and all her classmates all readied-up for picture day. Aside from their solo shots, they also have to take their class picture. Ain't that precious? Mai having her first official picture day! Sigh... it just amazes me how fast these milestones are coming.

Ok, the other great news is, I'm going to be an aunt again! YAY!!!! Ate Gem's preggers and I am so hoping that they'll have a girl this time! Mai needs a baby sister and as I am still in the funk of not wanting to have babies anymore (I say funk  because it might change tomorrow), that baby is my hope for having a sister for Mai. I know- too much pressure on Gem! Hahahaha! But, although I am desperately praying for a girl, either way, that baby's going to be VERY loved! I'm super excited for my nephew DJ. That kid has been constantly asking to buy a baby sister for the longest time now! I'm so glad Jesus came through for him :-)

Lots of great things happening! And even if Mondays are blah and I have a swollen ankle to add to that, I'm so excited! So yeah, I guess it is a happy Monday after all.

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